Are Russian Footballers Unnoticed by The Premier League

Are Russian Footballers Unnoticed by The Premier League

Want to hear a crazy stat? Only 8 Russians have featured in the English Premier League.

That is a crazy stat when you consider how much talent there is in the Russian national team and even Russians that have not made the national team yet or do not choose to be part of it.

It is understood that there is a considerable amount of talent within the world of football, it is more competitive than it has ever been, and footballers nowadays are more talented and physically fit than ever.

Russia has always produced excellence when it comes to footballers and they have a great national team, so why do we not see them featuring in the premier league often?

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You can take a look back at some of the best Russians to have played in the EPL, which include Andrey Arshavin, Andrei Kanchelskis, and Alexey Smertin. When you go off this track record, it makes you wonder why scouts are not looking more into Russian players, as these are just a few of the stars we have seen.

Chelsea's Smertin (l) and Newcastle's Kieron Dyer(r) fight for the ball during their FA Cup clash at St James' Park Newcastle 20 February 2005. AFP PHOTO PAUL BARKER (Photo credit should read PAUL BARKER/AFP/Getty Images)

Chelsea’s Smertin (l) and Newcastle’s Kieron Dyer(r) fight for the ball during their FA Cup clash at St James’ Park Newcastle 20 February 2005. AFP PHOTO PAUL BARKER (Photo credit should read PAUL BARKER/AFP/Getty Images)

There is no denying the fact that Russians have a great track record. Probably the most successful out of the lot would be Andrei Kanchelskis, who is most famous for his time at Manchester United, during his time there he managed to win the Premier League twice, the FA Cup, Football League Cup, FA Charity Shield and the European Super Cup 1991. His success did not stop there though, he won further trophies at Rangers. When you look back at his honours you can see what a wonderful career he had.

Although other Russian players showed their brilliance for their clubs, none were to be as successful as Andrei. Nonetheless, you may recognize some of the other names if you have a good footballing memory. For example, Pogrebnyak, Bilyaletdinov and Pavlyuchenko to name a few more.

One of the reasons as to why people think that Russian players may have been turned away or not properly looked at is due to the amount of money being spent in all areas of getting foreign players into the premier league. What you have to remember is that it is not just simply a case of paying for the player and them arriving at your club, there is a lot more work, time and money that goes into it. For example, you have to pay those players a salary every week, you have to pay their agents a fee for completing the deal, you have scouts that find the players, they need to also be paid. Also, foreign clubs are able to notice that the English Premier League is considered one of the best leagues in the world and the teams within it get a lot of revenue compared to other leagues, this means that if a foreign club gets interest from Premier League teams, they like to increase the price of the players more because they know they have the money to spend.

If you look at some of the players that have featured recently for the national team, you will see that a lot of them play for big clubs and get regular features in not only their league games but also the European competitions, for example the UEFA Champions League. As a player, participating in a competition like this will only help to improve you as a player, help to build on your confidence and also allow you to be scouted by other clubs, potentially bigger clubs around Europe, not only the Premier League.

Overall, we are sure this is not the end for Russians in the Premier League. There will be more occasions where we see them featuring and hopefully being as successful, if not more, than the players we have seen in the past. Not only will it be great for Russians and their national team, but it is also nice to see for the Premier League, having new talent come over and change the game, having a huge impact and encouraging scouts to look more into Russian players.