Futbolgrad Podcast – Episode 56 – Russian Cup Glory and Ukrainian Football Politics

Futbolgrad Podcast – Episode 56 – Russian Cup Glory and Ukrainian Football Politics

Futbolgrad Podcast – Episode 56 – Russian Cup Glory and Ukrainian Football Politics

Manuel VethTim Bogdachev and Andrew Flint are joined by Vadim Furmanov to discuss the start of the second half of the Russian Football Premier League season. They also discuss the latest political developments in Ukrainian football and preview the second stage of the Ukrainian Premier League.


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    Martin Dietze 6 years

    A few remarks on your assessment of the situation around FK Karpaty and their former player’s salary claims.

    I generally agree that the club has often exhibited a rather unfair attitude towards players (a “good” example was their unwillingness to pay for – and even allow – their then star striker Serhij Kuznetsov have his potentially career-killing ankle injury treated which eventually lead to him leaving the club for good).

    However in the case of Volodya Hudyma things are more complicated. From what we know about his contract, a vast part of his salary were bonuses that would only be paid if he played first-team football. When the contract was drafted this seemed OK for both sides since the player was supposed to have bright future then.
    However, he did not live up to expectations – some people say that this was chiefly because of lack in attitude. Hence he lost his first team spot – and consequently stopped receiving the generous bonuses.

    Of course the club could have paid the US-$ 75,000 that the player’s laywers claimed, and we can only speculate why they decided not to and drag this issue on over 4 years and across endless lawsuits before several courts.

    Obviously just before you recorded your podcast, news was published that the president of Rukh Vynnyky, Hirhoryj Kozlovskyj, had managed to broker a deal with the player after which he publicly stated he no longer had any claims against his former club. This may well have saved the club from almost certain relegation due to the looming deduction of 9 league points (whether the club as such would have survived relegation can be doubted).

    Short after these news, the club publishe a statement on their Facebook and Web site stating that they were not really in conflict with their former player but rather a group of corrupt Ukrainian football officials involved in some (not further unexplained) racket leading to the federation unfairly supporting players in false claims against clubs. This sounds absurd, but given the little we know about the Hudyma case there actually is a bit of a smell.

    Unfortunately most of the material detailing the circumstances of the Hudyma affair is available only in Ukrainian language.
    Here is a short summary in German language from last year: (there’s a link to a Ukrainian-language resource in it).
    Also there is a recent snippet from Ukrainian television discussing the affair: (just before the Kozlovskyj deal)

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