Spartak Moscow Aids China Strategy with ZTE Sponsorship

Spartak Moscow Aids China Strategy with ZTE Sponsorship

Spartak Moscow, a football club in the Russian Premier League, has settled on a sponsorship agreement with ZTE, a Chinese telco.

The company will be the club’s official partner in the smartphone category. The contract will run for one year at first. Also, China has a growing football following, as seen at, which renders football news in the Chinese language. 

The collaboration will involve joint activities and activations for fans. The club aims to use the deal to promote its brand in China. Additionally, the club is also planning to hold training camps in China.

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ZTE, on the other hand, will use the opportunity to enter the Russian market. They will introduce ZTE smartphones of different designs to Spartak fans. 

This sponsorship is part of a larger scheme by the Chinese. The aim is to develop Chinese brands on the global stage using sports sponsorship.

Aligning with Spartak, a prominent Russian football club is very strategic.  They will reach out to the hearts and minds of the fans and stimulate sales. As more fans associate with the brand, they will buy their products.

This strategy will also help boost brand awareness. The awareness of ZTTE as a brand will increase since all the players in the team will use the ZTE smartphones. Fans idolize their football stars and emulate all they do. Therefore, when they see their football stars using these smartphones, they will want to get one too.

The Chinese strategy

China’s objective is to get their brands into the global market. They have already used many strategies to try to reach their goal. Sport is a global language.

Many multinationals have used sport to create brand awareness successfully. By deciding to sponsor a Russian football club, ZTE has formally introduced themselves to Russia. 

As the official partner in the smartphone category, there are lots of benefits. First, they hope to increase their sales by reaching out to a new category of customers. 


They will also increase their brand awareness. By partnering with one of the biggest clubs in Russia, they are endearing themselves to the club fans. As a result, the awareness of their brand increases. 

Expanding to new markets will also aid the company in expanding its product range. Different markets have different needs. Taking care of emerging markets’ needs will be an excellent opportunity to develop the brand.

Also, the Chinese as people are reaching out to the rest of the world. Sponsoring sports in other countries and helping clubs achieve their dreams, will aid in their global agenda. 

Spartak Moscow aids the Chinese strategy by granting them access to the Russian market through ZTE. By agreeing to partner with them in smartphones, ZTE will get their products to the club fraternity first.

The product will be evaluated in the market, and it will gain popularity within no time.

Sports sponsorship is an excellent way of taking a brand to the next level. Football is arguably the most-watched and loved sport in the world. By striking a deal with one of the biggest clubs in Russia, ZTE has made a brilliant business move.