A Football Guide To The Post-Soviet Space

A Football Guide To The Post-Soviet Space

The post-soviet space is often characterized by too much political turmoil. Thus, it’s almost impossible to see football teams from Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, and Russia play in a single competition. However, that isn’t to say that some of the best teams from the post-soviet space can partake in the post-soviet football league. Thus, it’s great news for punters across significant betting sites, including Kasyno, as they can wager on any team and discover other value betting chances. Get to learn about the dominants of the post-soviet football league.

Spartak Moscow

Here’s a great team with 22 national championships under their belt having won in the Soviet Vysshaya Liga. Spartak Moscow is a ten-time Russian champion team that reigned in Russian football for quite sometime after the soviet union’s dissolution. However, with the oligarch influx and the new currency in Russia in the 2000s, Spartak lost its dominance over the league. Nonetheless, in 2018 things proved otherwise as the team emerged triumphant in the RFPL.


Here’s one of the youngest clubs in the RFPL. However, that isn’t to say that the Krasnodar football club wasn’t a hot bet of football in the Soviet Union times. It was often known as Kuban Krasnodar, which represented southern Russia. Nonetheless, Oligarch Sergey Galitsky created a new club that’s self-sustainable as well as talent-endowered. Thus, the emergence of a fascinating football youth academy as well as one of the most breath-taking stadiums within Russia.


The team hails from the city of the Tsar Zenit Saint Petersburg in Russia. It’s one of the wealthiest clubs in Russia as its owned by Gazprom. Zenit is the only club to sign top-star players from overseas. After Gazprom took over the club in 2005, the team has spectacularly won the RFPL four times. Currently, the Krestovsky Stadium is the chosen gaming ground for the Zenit team.

Shakhtar Donetsk

The team has made a name for itself as one of the most prominent post-soviet clubs worth a mention. It’s a ten-time Ukrainian championship team that hails from Donbas Shakhtar. The team’s fuel force emanates from the oligarch owner Rinat Akhmetov’s deep pockets.

Dynamo Kyiv

Various online gambling sites, including Automaty Do Gier, offers one a great chance to unwind while playing a good casino game. You can also use this chance to wager on various RFPL teams, including Dynamo Kyiv club, which is quite fascinating. The team has won thirteen soviet Vysshaya Liga titles. That’s not all, and it also has an additional fifteen Ukrainian premier league title under its belt. Thus, it makes it a fascinating team to keep a close eye on the Russian football premier league. The team has one of the largest stadiums. The team is well-endowed with the fantastic local talent, which makes up for a great league competitor.

Familiarizing with the members in the Russian football premier league is a significant milestone in starting your betting career in the RFPL. Get to wager valuable bets on various websites such as Kasyno, among others. Thus, it emerges victorious in football betting. The RFPL is quite fascinating to bet on multiple sites, including Automaty Do Gier. Therefore, get ready to research the teams and choose the ideal football team in the post-soviet space worth a wager.