Rostov vs CSKA Moscow – The Match for the CL Spot

Rostov vs CSKA Moscow – The Match for the CL Spot

Each team in every top league in Europe has two main priorities during the season – qualify for the Champions League and do everything to win the domestic league is among the for Rostov and CSKA Moscow. The good thing about it, if the club wins the domestic league, they automatically qualify for the CL. Clubs that are ranked lower are likely to participate in the qualifying tournament. Such is the case with the third spot in the Russian Premier League.

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At the moment, CSKA Moscow and FC Rostov are in a vicious battle for the CL spot. There’s a lot of drama, which is why it’s impossible to determine the winner. Some online sportsbooks favor CSKA, some Rostov. Nevertheless, it will be amazing the watch these two teams collide in March in a match which will probably determine the team who will go on to compete in the qualifying stages for the Champions League.

CSKA Moscow

After CSKA faced Espanyol in the Europa League and finished their journey there with a win, their only focus is the Russian Premier League. Their aim is not just to qualify for the CL next season, but to win the league as well. The good thing about their elimination from the Europa League is that they can fully focus on the domestic league and give 110% to finish as high as possible. Who knows, maybe they will get a shot of overtaking Zenit and lift the trophy at the end of the season.

FC Rostov

Rostov is among the few teams in the Russian league that are making annual profits. They are fully focused on reaching the Champions League and will do everything in their power to lift the domestic league trophy as well. True, Zenit is currently dominating the league and has a huge advantage over them, but nothing is impossible.

The Match

This match has the potential to not only prove who is the better team this season, but who will also challenge Zenit for the throne. As of right now, Zenit is more than 10 points away from both teams, but the battle is still not over. Players like the newly-signed Nikola Vlasic and Mario Fernandes are extremely dangerous and valuable for the team. CSKA doesn’t have any injured players for now, which is a big advantage. On the other side, one of Rostov’s key players, Danil Glebov, has a fractured leg and it’s still unknown when will he be able to return to the pitch. Nevertheless, Rostov is doing a fantastic job without him.


Both teams have been a bit inconsistent in their last games, which is why the winner is even harder to predict. The editor’s pick is CSKA Moscow. The match between these two will take place on 9 March, with Rostov being the home team. Make sure you tune in to watch the game; it will be exciting to see how both clubs will perform under this much pressure.